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The Queen of Pizza

Much as I love to cook, it’s also nice to go out once in a while.  Since we were in town this afternoon anyway for a (fabulous!) concert at the Boston Symphony, we decided to try out the North End institution Regina Pizzeria.  We arrived about a quarter to 6.  Boy were we glad they had heat lamps outside since we waited out there for a good hour before we got a table.  It wasn’t really that there were that many people in line – I’d guess maybe 6-8 parties ahead of us.  The restaurant was pretty tiny, though and I guess we must have arrived just at the first rush.  We enjoyed using the time to make friends with the group ahead of us, a bunch of very friendly but somewhat secretive engineers (clearly defense contractors of some sort) in town for a meeting with collaborators at MIT.

If we’d waited for that long with neither the heat lamps nor the new friends I am not sure I’d have found the pizza worth it, but since we weren’t cold and we were entertained I was in the mood to enjoy dinner.  The pizza was quite good and, I have to say, beat any I had while I lived in New York.  Crusts were crispy, sauce had a nice flavor and ratio of crust to sauce to cheese was good.  We had my husband’s favorite, pepperoni.  It was a little oily for my taste, but pepperoni usually.  When I make it I like to cook the pepperoni for a few minutes, then take them out of the pan and drain them on paper towels before putting them on the pizza.  This renders out some of the fat resulting in a less greasy pizza and nice, crispy pepperoni.

All in all, I’d definitely eat at Regina Pizzeria again, but would aim for off-hours to (hopefully!) reduce the wait.


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