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No!  Not the political kind…the English afternoon kind.  At my husband’s suggestion we’re expecting a dozen or so people for tea tomorrow.  Since I’m not Marmaduke Scarlet (a special prize for anyone who identifies the reference!), preparation started days in advance.  The menu and the schedule here…recipe details to follow in subsequent posts.

Tea Menu

In addition to all the food, we plan to offer four kinds of tea: Assam tea my husband brought back from India, and pu’er, jasmine, and rose teas that we brought back from China.

Preparation for Saturday’s party started in earnest on Wednesday (although menu planning, of course, started sooner).


  • Baked chocolate cake (my favorite cake is best a few days after it’s baked so this worked out perfectly)
  • Made gingersnap cookie dough (it has to chill at least overnight and can be kept in the fridge for days if necessary)


  • Baked white bread
  • Baked orange-honey tea bread
  • Made dough for tart shells
  • Baked (failed) madeleines (more on that in a future post)
  • Boiled eggs for deviled eggs
  • Baked gingersnaps
  • Started clotted cream


  • Baked whole wheat bread
  • Made lemon tarts
  • Made mayonnaise for deviled eggs and sandwiches
  • Made deviled eggs
  • Made more (failed) madeleines
  • Cooled clotted cream

Saturday (anticipated)

  • Make more (hopefully successful) madeleines
  • Assemble sandwiches
  • Skim clotted cream
  • Bake scones
  • Party!

Next up: recipes.


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